Parish contacts

Parish Contacts

We are blessed with many resources, including the many people who faithfully serve. Please contact the church office 513.932.7691 for information on how to reach any of these people.

Parish Priest: currently open
Senior Warden: Nancy Smith
Junion Warden: Todd Rockstrah

Steve Belknap
Kaila Cox
Shelly Kilgallon
Brad Knapp
Harry Pritchard
Kellie Bogen
Wayne Spary

Choir Director and Organist: Damian Stout
Treasurer: Wayne Spary
Financial Secretary: Jeff Lane
Office Manager: Kellie Bogan
Children’s Education: Jill Lane
Good Shepherd Preschool: Mary Lasher & Jill Lane
Shamrock Editor: Kristin Felty
Head Teller: Nancy Smith
Altar Guild: Molly Wolford
Greenhouse, Inc.: Mary Lasher
Brendan House: Todd Rockstrah