About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, in the heart of historic Lebanon, Ohio. Our church is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, and the Episcopal Church of the USA. We are a community Christian church belonging to a larger regional and national church structure. We are an active and growing community, with much to offer young and old alike.

Currently, St. Patrick’s is seen as a model for other churches in the area and diocese. We are pleased to be not just the historic church on the corner, but the church that makes a difference in the life of this community.

Our mission statement, adopted as we expanded our facilities in 1997, says a great deal about the character of the church:

To take the love of Christ into the World


Founded on March 17, 1962, we moved to our current historic location in Lebanon a few years later. The church building dates from 1892, and its Spanish bell from 1632. For many years this family church continued as a small outpost of the Episcopal Church in Warren County. In 1993, the church hired the Reverend Jaqueline Matisse to become the new Rector.

Matisse had a remarkable influence on the church, both by her sermons, teaching, and by her example and leadership. She urged the church to turn outward, to reach out to the poor families in the area who needed our help. In the following years St. Patrick’s became a center for outreach work, especially after we acquired another 1892 building—the house next to the church—and joined the two structures in 1997. Brigid House, the newly-created parish hall and classroom facility, became a center for outreach work. The addition of a commercial-quality kitchen gave the church new ways to provide direct and indirect funding for outreach programs such as our hugely successful annual event, 100,000 Welcomes. The expansion of our facilities gave us more room for Sunday services, space for more adult and children’s classes, and room for fellowship and meetings. Years later we acquired additional buildings in order to expand our ministry. Next to Brigid House is a four-family rental which provides low-cost housing, sorely needed in this area.

If you are baptized (regardless of denomination) and indicate that you want to be part of our community, you will be added to our membership register. If you have not been baptized, you are welcome to participate in our worship and ministry. If you would like to be baptized or have your children baptized, please contact the Rector, Jackie Matisse to find out more about preparing for baptism. Classes introducing inquirer’s to the Church are available throughout the year.

Baptism is a beautiful service welcoming people of any age into a new life in God. If you have been baptized in any denomination and want to join the St. Patrick’s community, let us know and you will be added to our membership list. If you want to talk about baptism for you or your children contact our priest, Jackie Matisse at 513.932.7691.

If you are interested in using St. Patrick’s sanctuary for your wedding, contact the church for further information. Our sanctuary seats approximately 250 comfortably. If you are interested in having our priest officiate at your wedding, contact  the main church number. The Episcopal Church has specific guidelines and criteria concerning marriage and Jackie will discuss those with you to discern if having her officiate at your marriage is possible.

People with no church affiliation often find at the time of the death of a loved one that they want a church service.  Please call our main church number if you would like us to help with a funeral.